What Winter Storm Damage In New Jersey Can Include

By Thomas Irvolino

Winter storms in New Jersey present challenges beyond the ordinary. Our proximity to the ocean complicates the situation with the possibility of storm surge and flood damage beyond the typical blizzards experienced in other areas of the country. During the colder months, your property can be in the path of a “bomb cyclone” or “bombogenesis,” a powerful low-pressure system that intensifies rapidly as it moves up the coast from the south. They feature characteristics often likened to a winter hurricane.

Snow and winds present serious issues, but in New Jersey winter storm damage frequently includes the exacerbation of rain, ice, and sleet. This coating hangs heavy on trees, utility wires, and structures, often resulting in power outages and causing exterior and interior damage to homes and commercial buildings. If an ocean storm surge adds flood waters to the mix, the damage moves beyond severe to overwhelming.

Plummeting temperatures combined with power interruptions expose properties to the risk of frozen pipes. When the power is off most heating systems, do not switch on and building interior temperatures fall. Fresh and waste water pipes may contain moisture that freezes, expanding beyond what the pipes can hold, so they burst, sending water flooding throughout the inside of a home or business.Blizzard

Heavy coatings of snow, slush, and ice interfere with the ability of roofs to protect from the elements. The load can weigh enough to break through a roof, and the freeze and thaw cycles damage roofing materials and force moisture under shingles even if the surface appears intact. Roof decking saturates, and adjacent ceilings and walls suffer water damage as the water wicks through. Formations called “ice dams” result when gutters freeze and trap water along eaves. The slushy mix increases when warm air escaping from poorly insulated or sealed interiors contributes to the thawing cycle. It pushes water back into the building, with damage occurring similarly to the harm described above.

Rather than a wonderland, winter storms cause disastrous conditions for New Jersey properties. If your home or business show signs of water or wind damage due to one of our intense winter storms, finding a reliable restoration company to partner with you throughout the aftermath and recovery is crucial. Fast response times and well-qualified technicians offer the help needed to return your property to pre-loss condition.



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Commercial Cleaning Services In New Jersey

By Thomas Irvolino

Commercial sites continually become dirty, with some remaining less so than others. Factories develop grime from cut-out procedures and parts manufacture, while offices and small shops remain relatively free of such debris. However, offices receive more client traffic and also must portray a clean and efficient image to those visiting. 

Depending on the setting, qualified commercial cleaning services work with business owners to develop a strategy that benefits the company the most. Some require specialized cleaning of different pieces of equipment to ensure smoothly flowing production lines while others request detailing of artwork to make their receiving areas stand out and welcome visiting clients. Depending on your needs, cleaning can provide the same benefits for your business.

Understanding how different materials become soiled and the best ways to clean them also requires an understanding of the types of soils involved. Cleaners all work differently, and while one may work wonders in one situation, it might seriously damage surfaces in another area. 

Professional cleaners also understand the rate of build-up of debris and soiling can vary between areas in the same location. Concentrating on cleaning areas that become more heavily soiled can speed up the process and allow for more time on unexpected situations that require attention. Spills and other problems happen occasionally and should receive timely care to prevent them from becoming permanently fixed.

Adding a protective coating of an appropriate substance can provide benefits that prolong the lifespan of equipment and machinery. It is always best to apply these immediately after cleaning to prevent soil from becoming trapped inside. Cleaning should coincide with maintenance efforts as much as possible to increase the beneficial aspects of both. 

Calling a commercial cleaning specialist in your area and setting up a regular schedule can ensure your place of business runs smoothly and at its most efficient level possible. Working with you to find out the various aspects of your business can assist cleaning professionals in providing the best services possible.




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Use Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning From A Local Restoration Company

By Thomas Irvolino

As a professional within the cleaning and restoration industry, I can tell you without a doubt that, if performed correctly, your carpet and upholstery cleaning services vastly improve the condition of your home. A true cleaning professional helps homeowners provide a clean, safe environment for your family to enjoy.  

The amount of dust, dirt, skin, animal hair and other soils that become trapped inside of your furniture, carpet and other furnishings make carpet & upholstery cleaning an absolute must. You might not even notice that you have a problem until you have a company perform these services. It is easy to become used to conditions that exist, ignoring problems that are right in front of your face.

Even if you perform regular household maintenance, vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning as most of us do a good quality cleaning conducted by a trained professional with the right equipment can make all of the difference. The company you choose helps you decide which method works best for your situation, providing you with quality results using specialized cleaning methods.

Short pile carpets require the use of an attachment called, a bonnet. It provides a less aggressive approach to help reduce wear and tear on your carpeting often caused by improper cleaning. Hot-water extraction provides most other carpeting with the care that it needs, while deluxe precondition and rinse methods become useful for providing a more thorough cleaning.

The company you choose should also be able to provide dry cleaning for upholstery items that might bleed or fade, giving you the care you need to improve your home’s condition, while also protecting the status of your flooring choice. A fully certified IICRC professional can provide you with some constructive recommendations for preventative maintenance that makes a huge difference.

Having a quality restoration company in your area provide you with carpet & upholstery services you can count on while also performing regular vacuuming, changing traffic patterns by moving furniture regularly, and using walk-off mats keep your home looking fabulous. Maintain a clean, healthy, living space and avoid problems that accompany soil buildup in your home by having these services performed at least once a year.


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Vandalism Or Graffiti Cleaning: Quick And Confidential

Vandalism Or Graffiti Cleaning: Quick And Confidential

By Thomas Irvolino

It happens in every neighborhood and respects neither businesses nor residential dwellings. Individuals intent upon expressing themselves on the canvas that is your property tag a fence, a garage door, a wall, or another structure with spray paint, the message often vulgar and always unwanted. Other troubled people break windows and doors to wreak havoc on or inside your home or business. The mess left is emotionally draining and upsetting. The situation is beyond the skills or desire of most owners to clean up and restore.

A fast, thorough, and professional graffiti and vandalism cleanup is the answer. Attempts to deal with the graffiti or vandalism on your own usually fall short because only professional products and equipment rise to the challenges of the situation. Neighborhood handyman or ordinary cleaning companies are not the answer either. You feel vulnerable and even ashamed, requiring the prompt and courteous help of a licensed and bonded vandalism and graffiti cleanup company to regain a sense of equilibrium. Opening your home to a company you trust makes all the difference.

You have the right to seek out the help of a vandalism cleanup company for this very personal disruption. Seek assurances of confidentiality and 24/7 accountability and response. A full-service restoration team has the training and the experience to secure your property immediately, allowing you to regain a sense of calm of safety. Certification in cleaning techniques and the most effective methods to eradicate any evidence of the criminal activity that defaced your home and made you feel exposed and defenseless is the practical means a high-quality vandalism and graffiti cleanup company offers you to return your home back to its pre-loss condition.

Selecting a restoartion company that handles water, fire, and a long list of other damage is wise. The skills and know-how honed responding to other emergencies allows their staff to hit the ground running when they arrive to assess the damage. Access to the proper tools and products that do more than mask the damage is also crucial to a favorable outcome. Inquire as to the availability of such skills and equipment when choosing from among the companies claiming to have the qualifications to help you.


Risk Multipliers For Those Interacting With Biohazards

By Thomas Irvolino

Biohazards are serious issues that can cause significant amounts of harm to anyone interacting with them or be in their vicinity without proper protective equipment. It is advisable to hire a certified, professional biohazard cleanup company to deal with and clean up biohazards to prevent serious injury from occurring. These companies are legally obligated to keep appropriate equipment and train employees to the fullest extent possible, making them much better at handling the issues safely and thoroughly than anyone else. In particular, you should be aware of these risk factors when dealing with biohazards, to determine if you or anyone else is more at-risk than necessary.

Perhaps the most broadly-applying factor when determining a biohazard’s risk is the age of anyone involved. The elderly and kids are more susceptible to pathogens and other risk factors than younger adults, and the closer you move to either extreme, the greater the risk becomes. Keep seniors and children well away from biohazards to prevent potentially life-threatening disasters from happening.

Respiratory Or Immune System Problems
If you or anyone nearby the biohazard has a history of respiratory or immune system problems in any way, they should immediately move to safety and discontinue interaction with the issue. Even light asthmatics can be severely restricted by the airborne debris common with many biohazards, and those with weak immune systems are highly vulnerable to infection, sometimes through the air. biohazard cleanup and restoration

Recent Injury Or Open Wounds
Anyone with a recent injury or unprotected wounds is in great danger with most biohazards. Open wounds, even if they are tiny, can lead to serious infection and potentially life-altering diseases when dealing with biohazards if these wounds are allowed to touch contaminated surfaces. If they do, make sure that the wound is disinfected, and medical attention is sought right away to prevent serious injury.

Recent Illness
Depending on the specifics of the biohazard and what you encounter with it, symptoms from recent illnesses may be made worse or even life-threatening. Those who currently have or have recently recovered from sickness, even if it is mild, should refrain from coming near and operating around biohazard areas.

Call The Experts
When it comes to biohazard cleanup and restoration, that is a job best left to the professionals. The technicians have the training and expertise to handle any situation. They also have the proper equipment to get your property back to normal.


Professional Restorers For Fire Damage Events

By Thomas Irvolino

The National Fire Protection Association states the top three causes of a fire, whether in a home or a non-residential building, are cooking, smoking, and failure of heating equipment. Other actions that can cause severe fire damage are candles, electrical failures, lightning strikes, spontaneous combustion, and arson.

Fires cause three main issues:
•    Smoke / Soot – Causes stains and strong, lasting odors

•    Water Damage –  Damage to electrical, furniture, carpeting, flooring, wall spaces and in every pore of your home

•    Mold – Can grow within 24 to 48 hours

fire damageAs if a fire and its effects are not enough, building owners’ other ordeal in the aftermath is dealing with insurance adjusters and insurance claims. Homeowners and commercial building owners want just one thing, which is to be restored to pre-loss condition. Working with insurance companies, they expect people to provide proof of damages, such as photos, a list of all possessions, receipts, etc.

A restoration company is experienced in helping families, and business owners repair and provide restoration to their belongings and investments. IICRC licensed restoration experts are well trained in water and fire damage restoration. Let the professionals help restore your property so that you don’t have to replace it, which is more costly. They also help customers with their insurance claims by providing formatted reports and photos. Keep the contact information for a restoration company in case a disaster occurs.


Mold and Fungus: Your Reference Guide

By Thomas Irvolino

Mold is a form of bacteria that grows freely in the natural environment. The fungus can come in numerous colors, some of which include green, black, orange, and white. Mold grows most efficiently in settings that are moist. For this reason, property owners are more susceptible to a mold invasion following water damage. Because mold can pose substantive problems in the offices they invade, it’s important for commercial property owners to learn as much about the fungus as possible. To do so, review the information found in this quick reference guide:

Types Of Mold
As many mold remediation experts know, there are several various kinds of the fungus. Specifically, they can differ regarding key factors like toxicity. For this reason, it is imperative that specialists be able to correctly identify and classify the mold. Typically, remediation specialists find that the mold located on commercial properties is one of the following five types:mold

Cladosporium is a common mold type. It ranges from green to black. This form of mold is low regarding toxicity. However, it is known to trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Aspergillus is another common form of mold. It is multi-colored. The toxicity levels of this mold vary, and can range from causing simple allergic reactions to generating infectious illnesses. Aspergillus thrives on building materials such as insulation and walls. It can also thrive in soil, fabrics, and paper.

Penicillium is a mold that can appear blue, green, or white. It is mild in terms of toxicity. It can grow on food and other types of organic matter. Additionally, it can be hidden inside walls.

This mold comes in brown, white, or gray colors. Its level of toxicity ranges from irritating to infectious. Acremonium prefers to thrive in moist areas and is often found growing in damp gypsum drywall or insulation.

This type of mold is generally referred to as black mold and is associated with generating serious illnesses and physical symptoms. For this reason, Stachybotrys is considered to be highly toxic to humans.

Mold And Your Health
While many people understand that not all molds are toxic, it is still important for you to attain professional mold remediation services as soon as you become aware of the fungus on your property. If you are continually exposed to mold in your office, you could suffer from a wide range of debilitating health symptoms. Some of these health symptoms include:

• difficulty breathing
• coughing
• dizziness
• wheezing
• fatigue
• eye problems
• asthma
• rashes
• allergies
• sinus infections

Call the Experts Immediately
If you find that your business is subjected to a mold invasion, call a professional mold restoration company. IICRC-certified professionals work with diligence and dedication to eradicate all unwanted mold from your property. They’ll also prevent the mold from coming back. They will get your office back in safe, sanitary condition right now.